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The Prenda Community connects single family and multifamily Guides who are on a mission to empower learners.

Who is Prenda Community for?

The Prenda Community is for current and active single family and multifamily Prenda Guides. 

About Prenda Community

The Prenda Community is a place to connect with others who embrace the Prenda values in and outside the microschool classroom. We invite you to Join the Prenda Community with a start with heart, figure it out, dare greatly, foundation of trust, and learning > comfort growth mindset. 


Peer interactions lead to higher levels of engagement, motivation, and happiness.

✅ RSVP for live and virtual events
🙋🏾‍♀️ Find other Prenda people in your local area
👂🏽 Hear and be heard with opportunities to share ideas and hear multiple perspectives from others openly


Work together to achieve a higher level of understanding than anyone else could achieve alone.  

💡 Enhance your Prenda skills by exchanging best practices with peers
🤝🏻Leverage the supportive network for ideas or solutions
👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼 Join a community group in your local area

Empowered Learning

Learning and development resources for empowered adult learners.

📚Book clubs aligned with the Prenda learning model
👩🏼‍🏫 Learning and development courses provided by Prenda
📰 Prenda and member-generated content

Common questions about Prenda Community

Is this like social media?
Yes. Prenda Community provides an aggregated home feed, private groups specific to the member type, events, and direct messaging.

Prenda Community is unique to social media in that, we also provide learning & development opportunities and content specific to our learning model and Prenda core values.

Prenda Community encourages open discussion, diverse opinions & perspectives, and even reasonable dissent. We will never moderate member voice unless it is abusive, irresponsible, or threatening in nature. 

Can I use Prenda Community to coordinate with others?
Yes! Members can join groups, ask to create their own mentor groups, post their own content, coordinate field trips and events in their areas, reach out to other Guides, post struggles & successes with their Guiding experiece, recieve help from other Guides and so much more!  Prenda customer support does not monitor the Prenda community, only our community managers-this is a place for Guides to connect with Guides.

You can also see nearby Prenda Community members and direct message those in your network.

Can parents/guardians of students in microschools use Prenda Community?

The Prenda Community Platform is only for active single family and mulitfamily Prenda Guides. If you are a Prenda parent or guardian who is not a single family guide, searching for a microschool for your child, or interested in connecting with the greater Prenda community, join the Prenda community for your state on Facebook.

How does Prenda use Prenda Community?
Prenda posts general & audience-specific announcements, events, written content, and learning & development resources. We also engage members in social posts providing support and guidance.

Not a current Prenda person?

Our mission is to empower learners.
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